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Road Building in Oregon, by necessity, must consider water dynamics. Water must be diverted off and away from a road system to ensure that the road surface holds up to the heavy rain events which frequent Western Oregon, but must be easy for an owner to maintain.

Before Pihl Excavating begins construction of a road system, a closer look is taken as to its layout using a Trimble 3D computer model of the existing terrain with the proposed road. Pihl favors road construction that results in natural and easily maintainable shoulders and slopes as opposed to roads that have overly deep ditches or steep cut banks. We ensure that all criteria are met for local construction codes and fire department regulations.



Haughton Driveway


Public Coast Farm


Eola Hills - Legacy Vineyard

Project Icon  Finster / Badger Driveway - Road Work

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Project Icon  Bob Bailey - SVR Roadwork

Location: Rickreall, Oregon

Project Icon  Courting Hill Road Fund - Road Grading - Courting Hill

Location: Oregon

Project Icon  Pennerash - Road Repair

Location: Newberg, Oregon

Project Icon  Erath - Roadwork

Location: Dundee, Oregon

Project Icon  JYN - Road Maintanace

Location: Newberg, Oregon

Project Icon  Penner-Ash Wine Cellars - Driveway Grading

Location: Newberg, Oregon

Project Icon  Mark Bonnet - Road work

Location: Banks, Oregon

Project Icon  McNally - Road building

Location: Newberg, Oregon