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Health and Enviroment

Safety, Health and Environment Mission Statement

Pihl Excavating is committed to proactively protecting human health and the environment. We will operate our business in a manner that consciously safeguards our employees, customers and communities in which we do business. In striving for responsible environmental, health and safety stewardship, Pihl pledges to:

Safety Committee
  • Diligently develop, construct and operate our facilities in an environmentally responsible manner that promotes pollution prevention and places the highest priority on health and safety.

  • Operate facilities that meet all applicable federal, state and local environmental, health and safety rules, regulations, ordinances and statutes as well as recognized industry guidelines and standards.

  • Continually measure, evaluate and improve our environmental, health and safety performance.

  • Promote environmental, health and safety awareness that fosters a caring, ownership-driven culture among employees, contractors and vendors.

Safety and Health Policy

Pihl is committed to assuring safety and health at all company operations. We consider the proactive management of safety and health risks to be a key element of our personal and company integrity, ethical behavior, corporate social responsibility, and long-term business success. Our assurance of a safe and healthy workplace is a common goal shared by the company, our managers and our employees, and it is simply the right thing to do. We will always strive to operate in a manner that consciously safeguards our employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the communities in which we do business.

In order to protect people and property, and to maintain public trust, operational integrity and service reliability, Pihl’s policy is to:

In Conformance With This Policy

The Company Will:

Managers Will:

Employees Will:

Together we will make Pihl Excavating a safe and healthy place to work and a responsible corporate citizen of the communities in which we operate.