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Land clearing, especially for vineyards, can be a formidable task. Natural obstacles such as terrain, timber, brush, stumps and rock all create unique challenges when preparing acreage for domesticated use.

Matt's background as a third generation logger has given him years of experience dealing with the often treacherous conditions and has enabled him to modify and build much of our own equipment to assist in our operations.


Using the Hitachi 370 equipped with a stump shear is central in our land clearing process. Splitting the stump means less roots left in the ground and a cleaner stump for burning or grinding.

Land Clearing and Stumping Projects

Land Clearing

David Hill Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Doe Ridge - Clearing

Land Clearing

Eola Hills - Legacy Vineyard

Land Clearing

Adelsheim Clearing

Land Clearing

NW Wine Company

Land Clearing

A to Z - Orchard Removal

Land Clearing

Whitmore - Clearing - Stumping and Brushing

Land Clearing

Hyland Vineyards Clearing

Land Clearing

Beaux Freres

Project Icon  Deborah Fitzpatrick

Location: Sherwood, Oregon

Project Icon  Oak Springs Farm Road Clearing

Location: Carlton, Oregon

Project Icon  Carrabella Vineyards - Clearing

Location: Wilsonwille, Oregon

Project Icon  McNally - Clearing

Location: Yamhill, Oregon

Project Icon  Appassionata - Clearing

Location: Newberg, Oregon

Project Icon  Inman Property

Location: North Plains, Oregon

Project Icon  Marsh Vineyard - Clearing

Location: Carlton, Oregon

Project Icon  Orchard Heights Winery

Location: Salem, Oregon